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NextGen Framework
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Immersive Training

All new way to improve skills and know your partners. You can choose between "Role Playing Training" and "Realistic Training".

All you need is

Data Analysis

Data is the key for every process optimization. Take advantage with our "Scalable Data Design" model. With it, you can change and expand your data tracking according to your needs.

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Power up your work

Companion Apps

Working on the field is where you can make the difference. With our "Custom Companion Apps" connected to our cloud, you can combine the power of our "Scalable Data Design" with the usability of AR and Mobile technologies to optimize every step of your work.

Personal login

With just one secure login system you and your employees can access all your custom data and tools on each platform. We are also concern about usability, so we offer NFC technology for quick login and tracking systems.

Flexible Options

You can buy just one tool or combine multiple solutions on a custom pack. Tell us your needs, and we will find our best product for your needs.

A tool for everyday

Not always you have the same needs for your work. This is why we design custom cloud connected tools. You can start your day on a VR training and ending it viewing your progress data on AR.

Cross Platform

Not every platform can fit your needs, so we work on almost every system for your perfect solution. Choose yours: VR,AR,MXR,Mobile,Web,PC,Simulators,IoT...

Track what you need

We offer some basic data tracking but, you are the one how knows your work key points. This is why we created the "Scalable Data Design" model: you can increase, decrease or completely modify all the data you are tracking so you always have the information that you need.

Powered by the cloud

Now more than ever we need the cloud. With the power of our cloud you will always have access to your data with independence on the platform or location, working in the office or remotely will never be a problem.

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